Soils and crops monitoring to prevent pests, deseases and weeds.

We identify damage to your plantation before it happens. It's not magic, it's predictive technology!

  • • Increase your profitability;
  • • Be more assertive in crop management;
  • • Ensure the safety of your crop.

6 tons less defensives in the environment so far


An average of 40% increase in farmers' profitability


Almost BRL 3 million monetized for our partners

In addition to infestations, do you know what else we predict?
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High costs in inputs and crops protection products directly impact the results of your crops.

Are you spending too much on crops protection products and inputs?

Investing a lot in fertilization and not having the expected return?

Have you had a bad experience with precision agriculture?

Are concrete data missing for crop control and decision-making?

Did you invest in equipment and technology and ended up not using it?

Is the crop operation complex? Too much problems?

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Digital agriculture for real.

Soil Monitoring

Find out exactly what the soil needs - nutrients, application in the line or the haul and possible handling changes - and boost your production.

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Soil Monitoring

Crop Monitoring

Prevent infestations of pests, diseases and weeds and reduce costs with pesticides, using only when and where necessary.

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Crop Monitoring

Easy technology and also accessible, 100% Brazilian.

NetWord Agro was designed and made by people like you, who are looking for more profitability and quality of life in the countryside.

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